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City Guide Cluj-Napoca City Hall

Cluj-Napoca City Hall

The building was constructed at the end of 19th century, according to the plans of the architect Alpár Ignác, having a baroque facade of Viennese style and a corner tower with an impressive clock. On the tower, the architects applied the Prefecture's coat of arms (Cluj County) because the initial destination of the building was that of a County headquarter.

The building was included in the systematization plan of the city in 1798 which stated that any new construction had to have the city council’s approval.

The initial destination of the building as the headquarter of the County was multiple – political, administrative, fiscal headquarter etc., where the County officials were deciding the wellbeing of the area; in the big chambers, besides the usual meetings, exhibitions of famous and of young artists as well as the city balls from the beginning of the 20th century took place.

Nowadays, the building is the headquarter of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall.