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City Guide The Roman Catholic "Saint Michael" Church

The Roman Catholic "Saint Michael" Church

The Roman Catholic "Saint Michael" Church (Union Square), a great historical and religious architecture monument is one of the most imposing gothic edifices in our country. It was built approximately between 1350 and 1480 and it is the first hall church in Transylvania.
The main portal, carved in 1444 in gothic style, ends with a high accolade, showing in the central part the carved image of the archangel Michael. The tower from the north facade was built between 1834 and 1863 in neo gothic style and it is 80 meter high, including the cross.

The inside and outside decorations and the baroque carved pulpit are also remarkable. An extraordinary execution is the portal of the sacristy, from the Renaissance period (1528) with Italian motifs and a strong south-German influence. The body of the pulpit, was carved in baroque style, by Johannes Nachtigall and Anton Schuhbauer. The murals, partially preserved, show stylistic influences from northern Italy and reveal the first signs of Renaissance painting in Cluj-Napoca.