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Hotel Beyfin Cluj-Napoca, Romania Hotel Beyfin Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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If you're eager to experience the great Cluj-Napoca outdoor surroundings, we're happy to tell you that there's a lot to see:
- Tarnița Lake awaits you 30 km away from the city, with a lovely view and forest chills.
- Hoia-Baciu forest, famous for it's unique vegetation, awaits you 5 km away from Cluj.
- Banffy Castle, home of Electric Castle Festival and a great historical landmark, awaits you 31 km away from the city.
- Turda Salt mine, recently renovated and one of the most popular destinations in the country awaits you with a spectacular salt mine, winery and equestrian center, 32 km away from Cluj.

Turda Salt Mine
Turda salt mine is a true historic museum of salt mining. The excellent preserving condition of the mining works and of the equipments that were used to transport the salt, as well as the concern with which were carried out the works for th ...
Bontida Banfyy Castle
The Bontida Banffy Castle, an architectonic assembly built by the family with the same name is situated at 25 km north-east from Cluj-Napoca city.The construction of the castle began in 1473 when the baron Banffy received the permission of ...
Lake Tarnita
Tarnita accumulation lake is situated between Rasca, Marisel and Gilau villages, 15 km away from Cluj-Napoca city. Tarnita lake has a surface of approximately 215 ha, a length of over 8 km and a maximum depth of over 70 meters and it is one ...
Baisoara Mountain Resort
This resort is situated in Baisoara village and has 5 ski slopes for those who love winter sports. The slopes have means of transport on cable, with a total length of approximately 4.5 km.You can reach the resort on a modernized road, that ...